Why Vaccinate?

immuniztionsDisease-causing organisms can be found everywhere including on healthy appearing animals. Your pet can be exposed to these organisms in many places including (but not limited to) the soil, water sources, other animals (domestic & wild), and more. You can actually unknowingly spread these viruses and bacteria to your pet on your hands, clothing, and shoes. When your pet is exposed, their immune system must be prepared to fight infection. If their immune system is not prepared, they are at a much greater risk for sickness or possibly even death. Fortunately, protecting your pet against illness and disease can be as simple as vaccinating your pet!

Vaccines are inactivated or altered live disease agents that, when introduced to your pet’s system, cause his/her immune system to produce a protective response to that specific disease. Accordingly, proper vaccination is the best way to prepare your pet’s immune system when the “real” infection strikes. This resulting protection to your pet greatly outweighs any risks, with such vaccines having saved the lives of millions of dogs and cats.


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